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It’s all about EXPERIENCE. We use our resources to increase the visibility of your brand, to the public. Once they notice you, they have to remember you. That’s our job, to make you unforgettable.


From concept to implementation, we are able to cover everything your brand needs.

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Not sure if our services are the best fit for your brand? Let's talk about it. Always available to discuss opportunities.

The Story of xTx

Isn't it time for your brand to reach its apex? Your greatest success is just around the corner.

In the last 8 years we have seen how our vision come to reality, and that is the most fulfilling experience. OFF-trade, HORECA, digital projects, each of those were unique for us. The goal stays the same, to ELEVATE your brand.



The most important thing is for us to understand your brand's needs. So the first step would be to find out WHAT we can do for you, then HOW we can do it. Every challenge is welcomed.


Our process starts from scratch, and goes all the way to the end. Every project starts with an idea, so we take our time for resesarch based on present, and come to the right conclusions to inovate.


The implementation part is vital, because many can make beautiful concepts, but few can make them based on the reality of execution. That's why we work closely with the production department, so that the design looks exactly how we proposed.



The world is changing fast. That's why the first step for us is always to analyse the present tendencies so that we can bring you the best option for the moment.

From A to Z

From small POSMs, to large set-up placements, we can create on all scales. There are no limits.

It’s all about understanding your needs

After we learn the deep culture and goal of your brand, anything will be possible.

Experience is the new factor that we have to take in consideration. With everything moving so fast at the moment, we have to keep the customer focused.

Octavia G, ACCOUNT
XTX design

Each brand is unique, that's why the approach for every project is very different because it is based on all the facts that result from the brand identity.


XTX design

Nowadays, you have to keep up with information. If you manage to do that, you can reach the full potential of every situation, because the greatest power of all, is knowledge.

XTX design

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